I .. forgot?

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So it’s been a while. Over a year in fact. I used to update this somewhat regularly, but that dwindled sometime in January of last year. But, recently it was re-sparked! There’s a lot that has happened in the 407 days we last chatted. A bunch of artwork was made (13+ pieces), a webcomic was started (on hold), toys were painted, friends were made/lost, jobs were changed and even grew a sweet (boss) mustache. All in all it was a weird year.

But I plan on getting this thing back into working order for those that stop by, who a majority come to check out the Richard sculpture I made. (Thanks for stopping by!) I don’t have anything right now to show because .. well I’m on my work computer but give me till the weekend. You never know .. I might surprise you.

– bd

Thanks for stopping by!

Of Sketches, Gorillas, Walruses and Klingons.

•January 12, 2010 • 2 Comments

I had another drawing shown on Sketch Theatre’s site! here’s a link!

Sketch Theatre - Brandon Dicks - Drawing 2

Sketch Theatre Link!

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/?p=3487 (Same as image just in case)

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/?p=3181 (Link to Halloween drawing)

Also I’ve started a web comic of sorts over at The Walrus Times. You should check it out if you haven’t already. As I’ve been uploading that more frequently, or I try to at least.  It started on my facebook and then steam rolled to something that I’ve been doing for fun on nights and weekends.

Speaking of weekends, I’ve started painting again too. Here’s a shot of something that I finally finished. Yeah it took me long enough too. I started it back in the fall of 2008.

In lieu of a comic I did a painting.

In lieu of a comic I did a painting.

Work has been pretty busy as of late. We’re nearing Open Beta on Star Trek Online and lots of people are excited about it’s release. Me being one of them, because then I can finally show people what I’ve been so busy on. Check it out >> http://www.startrekonline.com

And on that note, I’ll be back soon!

– bd

Sketch Theatre

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Woke up this morning to an AWESOME email from Lily over at SketchTheatre.com saying that they were showing my SkullyDance drawing I did for them for Halloween! What an awesome way to start my day!

Here are the links:

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/ (goes to the main site)

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/?p=3181 (direct link to video w/ awesome music)

Freaking awesome! I’m gonna write an awesome thank you letter to them now!

And if you’ve come from that link, Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the art I have to show and feel free to check back often.

Old happy days.

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It’s been far too long since I last sat down and painted. Or even seriously thought about painting and everything that goes into it. Or well, my process. I’ve been trying to think about layout and presentation in relation to the final product of my artwork. As well as ‘oh man that looks silly, I need to paint that’. I want to do more print based stuff – or well .. turn more of my art into prints for you to buy. I have a hard time letting my originals go .. I feel like they’re my babies.

So I was doodling and I came up with a great idea, three to be exact. I’m a huge fan of I-am-8bit, even more a fan of the old Nintendo properties.  I remember afternoons spent down in my parents basement with my brother crouched around a 12 inch tv playing Mario or Adventure Island. They remind me alot about my brother. So much that I decided to do a themed piece with my main character ReD. Here’s the mock so far.

NES - ReD Mario.

NES - ReD Mario. 8x10 Canvas Panel

I need to find out why my wacom and photoshop aren’t behaving so I can do a clean color pass. I don’t want to ruin the surprise what the other two are – but I’ll just say that my Happy Astro makes an appearance in it. I actually am looking forward to getting the time to do this.

Also I might start doing something I saw on a kick ass artist’s page. Giving away art. Nothing huge, small 5×7 stuff I’ve been doing to get the cob-webs out. I’ll try to make it known when that time comes. We’ll see.

– Brandon is outa here.

I’m back!

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This is not an April Fool’s joke.

I am back. After a whirlwind last two months, I have mustered up the resolve to keep my blog current, and to start creating art again. Creating ‘art again’!? It’s been over 2 months since I picked up a pencil and drew something besides a doodle or used photoshop to create something that was just for me. Almost over 3 months since I painted. Those are facts that I do not like. But ones that do like are as follows!

I am no longer unemployed. I moved in the beginning of March to San Jose, California to begin working at Cryptic Studios as their newest User Interface Artist on some big fancy MMO game. You may have heard of it .. it’s Star Trek Online.

Also during the move I discovered that my printer – that worked, then broke, then was fixed, then broke then I fixed again and then really broke has finally been replaced. I’m quite happy to declare that I bought a big-boy printer. An Epson 1400. It’s a pretty swank investment, because now – I can make prints of my larger paintings – Up to 13×19! I’m really happy about that. Because that keeps me from having to involve more people into my D.I.Y production model.

I’m so happy about said printer that I’ve included a shot of it on my desk. Or well .. my desk and it – becuase, as you’ll see – It’s FREAKING HUGE!

My new printer, on my desk in my studio/sleeping quarters.

My new printer, on my desk in my studio.

And on that note, I need to hit the hay. Got a busy day.. What do you say? Sculpt with some clay? Drive to the Bay? Go stab The Fray!? I just may.

– Brandon (my goatee is now just a chin tuff)

Too quiet for too long..

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I am back, or to at the least, to a functioning capacity. I would first like to extend an apology for getting lost at sea with personal things and therefor unable to give this it’s proper attention. With that out of the way lets get down to brass tacks – what’s new for this new year?

Well for starters I’m working towards getting a job.  I’ve been feverishly busy helping the good people over at 24 ^ (caret) Games with their project ‘Retro/Grade’ as it’s a finalist in the Independant Game Festival being held during the Game Developer Confrence in San Fran in the end of March. So you all (whomever is left) should go check it out the game at http://retrogradegame.com and their company site at http://24caretgames.com – It’s a hoot to play (did I just write hoot!?) and I hope it does awesome – because I worked on it. Well, I worked on the new User Interface and Heads Up Displays that are being implemented in the game now, I did make the opening splash image in the Epilogue – which can be sneakily seen over here >> http://brandondicks.com Just go find the space ship image, you can’t miss it.

I’ve also been doing an art test here and there which I’ve also posted up on my portfolio page. Le’sigh.

So for Christmas because I am on a limited budget I did what any clever son would for presents .. I made them. I’m currently trying to get my camera to stop being dumb so I can upload the pictures of the two paintings I made. Which turned out super rad – in my humble opinion. I did get my old work computer as an awesome gesture of charity from my old boss. I’m still getting the audible clunks out of it.

I’ve been seriously thinking about what to do with my store. I need more work up there so I can get mor exposure. If anyone has any ideas – let me know.

So what have I been working on? Aside from the aformentioned? Well, I’ve been working in Flash, trying to wrap my head around action script and I seems alien to me. I’ve built some little projects that on my HUD/UI portfolio (the brandondicks.com one) you can check em out’. I’m currently working on a ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ fan site for a blizzard position. It’s hard to do something better, or atleast as good as ‘Blizzard’s because their web team is pretty bad ass. It’s almost frustrating. They hide their code so well.. and XML!? It makes my head bleed. I’m not a scripter, so it’s rough. But I should have it done sometime soon, maybe before my birthday.

Also as on a related note, I’m inching closer to being old. I should have pictures of more to show you as the week unfolds. Or well, next week. Welcome to 2009, lets get this party started.

– bd out to play some XBox360 and to work in photoshop. (my gamertag is maddoc360)

My beard has been downsized to just a ‘soul patch’.

Pre-Thanksgiving Update & Etsy Store!

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Hey there, and welcome to another one of my updates. Well actually this is the first of it’s kind because I don’t have any real art to update with. Things have been .. odd for the past last few weeks and I haven’t had much time to sit down to a canvas or break out a new custom vynel toy, to which I am making great strides to change. But with that ..Wwhat kind of an update is this? all Pre-Thanksgiving and all… Well it’s a good kind. The kind that should pre-face some nice changes, for starters..

1. I just finished setting up my Etsy store. Content is up for sale!!! I will be posting at least 4 more pieces (2 prints, 2 originals). *** Brandon Dicks’ Etsy Store: Playful Painted Pieces***

WOO HOO! It’s UP! (edit)

2. My latest endeavor – www.brandondicks.com – my HUD/User Interface site << What’s relevant about it? Well it’s a streamlined portfolio that accents just my HUD/UI work. You know, for helping me get a job. I’ve also been meddling around in flash a great deal and should have some new content on that sucker as early as this coming Monday.

3. I am currently working on two (unpaid) projects that I get to announce soon. One is an XNA game that will hopefully be launched on Xbox Live community games when I finish the art (yeah .. they’re waiting on me).. The other is a game that’s been submitted to the IGF (Independent Gaming Festival) – I helped out with some art and have been helping them with their HUD and menus. That one has been announced, and it’s called ‘retro/grade’ It’s pretty neat.

I’m greatful for the ability to have an outlet for my creative musings as well as an audience that likes said musings. This year has been a rough one, I’d be lieing otherwise, but there is much to come.

So grab some turkey (or Tofurky or Turduken or Fried twinkies), some friends and have a good Turkey Day.

– bd

my goatee wants a friggin job…

Prints for Sale?!

•November 12, 2008 • 2 Comments

The beginning of my store..

Right now Broken String is available for $20.00 + shipping
It’s an 8.5×11 printed on heavy card stock signed by some hobo living under a bridge. Wait, no – me!

I will be adding ‘Pick-A-Nick Baskets!’, ‘The Octo King’, ‘Silly Cephelapod’, ‘Grape Ape’, and possibly ‘The Sucker Punch’ later today, as it’s 4 am.

I will also be setting up and ACTUALLY USING my ETSY account as well with the same merchandise. As I will be able to better present my wares to you, my visitors.

Right now it’s strictly D.I.Y prints.

I will be selling paintings too.
I am planning to do a series of 5×5 paints all themed around something cool and secret.
I am also currently available for commissioned artwork or will be until further notice.

Contact me for info!
brandon dicks

LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Six!?!

•November 11, 2008 • 4 Comments

So, it’s now the 11th of November. A lot has happened and I don’t feel like ploping that stuff here but I will say that I no longer have a job. And this sudden and dramatic event is the main reason for Richard taking a week longer than it should have taken. BUT! Enough about the sad gloomy pity part! Because there is no cake! And a party without cake isn’t a party! It’s just a bunch of people standing around dead on the inside from their lack of cake! Enough ranting on to the pictures!

So I’ve only got three pictures to put up. What!? Three!?!? ONLY!?! Calm down. I’m waiting till tomorrow when my apartment is fully illuminated to take awesome pictures. Not that the pictures I have below aren’t awesome – I just think they’d be more awesome. I’ve also been busy trying to get some freelance together. So .. if anyone reading this likes my work, has some jobs they need done and think they can pay me.. please .. PLEASE contact me.


LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

In other news, I’ve updated my website.. I’ve updated my resume and there are some other things in the works.

This is just a blitz update and a proper full update will be posted soon. I will also be compiling this into a build process page (under pages) to the right when it’s all over so that you can view the entire adventure in one distraction free environment. And until then.

Same goatee, same bad haircut.

LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Five..?

•November 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

So has been going at a snails pace. Had a lot of things come up recently that I’m quite happy with and when things start getting finished I can post them here. So here is part 5 of Richard. Base coats and getting ready for the line work pass. I’m actually .. apprehensive to start it because I didn’t plan far enough ahead to bottle of the colors I made.. So I’m just going to have to be super focused .. oh shiny keys! ahem.. So once the detail pass is done .. then RICHARD is complete! Fwooooosh and all!

Listen… do you smell something?

LFG Richard - Color blocked in - crud lighting.

LFG 'Richard' - Color blocked in - odd lighting.

LFG Richard - Color blocked in - crud lighting.

LFG 'Richard' - Color blocked in - odd lighting.

LFG Richard - Color blocked in - crud lighting.

LFG 'Richard' - Close Up!

LFG Richard - Color blocked in - crud lighting.

LFG 'Richard' - Fwoosh! Now with color!

*** Edit ***

After serious deliberation I’ve realized that I goofed. The blue on his tunic is way off, and the red for his hood needs to be darker. Wooo. Not that I wasn’t going to tweak them anyway – but just to save some possible ‘OMFG nub’ things – so to speak. I return you to your regular scheduled blog.

*** Edit ***

And on a side note.. I did nothing for Halloween. No awesome costume, no cool painting. Not that I had truely planned on much, it just makes me sad that I didn’t get excited about it. Friends dressed as Monks, Ninjas, 7ft freaking robot .. and I punked out. Tsk Tsk.

I already have my next painting I’m going to finish lined up after this. Also I’ve been busy with a friends website, some freelance shenanigans and some illustration work. I missed Munky Kings freaking awesome Suckadelic Show due to being forgetful due to lack of sleep.

My goatee doesn’t need roads where we’re going.