Cardboard Mandalorian?

So I decided to post a little cardboard cut out I made one very very bored day back in early May. If you couldn’t tell – it’s Boba Fett. I’d make em and sell them, but I’m too busy (or I keep telling myself that)..

Don’t F@#% with the Fett. I should take a newer picture of it .. with something other than a cardboard backdrop. Just goes to show what the back of a discarded notepad, a Sharpy marker and 20 minutes being bored can do.

Its currently taped to my flash drive.

It's currently taped to my flash drive.

I was making a ‘Frozen-in-Carbonite’ Han to go with him .. But I saw something shiny and forgot. In fact I was in the midst of laying out the scene in Empire where Luke gets his hand cut off all in cardboard. But then something came up and until recently I had completely forgotten about it.

** I would also like to point out that the 5.8 Earthquake that hit Eastern L.A early this afternoon sucked. Some would even say “The ground was a tremblin!”. On a personal note I’d like to share that earthquakes suck.

~ by bdicks on July 30, 2008.

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  1. I likes it.

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