Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part One!

To get into the swing of things I started cleaning up a sketch I did of a deranged Yogi bear mercilessly mauling campers to get a picnic basket. I always thought the notion of a bear wearing a hat and tie would eventually snap to be quite amusing, in a sick and disturbing way I guess. But the bear just wanted some food.. FOOOOOOOD! The original sketch had some serious proportion issues (read: I blow at perspective) so I brought it into Photoshop to balance it and rework some of the posing.
Crazier than the average bear - progression sketch

Crazier than the average bear!

The only thing I’m hesitant on is the blood on the bushes. I like it, but I think it goes too far. It’s like how many dead puppies till you get the point that he’s flipped his lid? I’ve been thinking about doing ‘Crazed Yogi’ in either Gauche or in Acrylic with tones close to the cartoon. Can’t really decide. Do I go with line work around the whole thing .. or just go for shapes with some accented line work? Or a third option of just going for it.
** Doing artwork? FUN!? INSANITY! Only 6-8 more sketches to go!

~ by bdicks on July 30, 2008.

One Response to “Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part One!”

  1. looks cool…dont get rid of the blood…and i think it would be rad with the original yogi colors…GG

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