Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part Two!

I love it when it’s cheaper to just buy a new printer than it is to buy ink for the printer that I already have. But Epson has to keep in business somehow, and I’m too simple to make my own ink. Anyway! Here is the color study for the ‘Pick-A-Nick Baskets!’ I made it a bit more saturated on the computer-mo-tron. And I like it. A little more gruesome than I had planned, but when in Rome.. stay away from the Vomitorium (angry beavers reference!).

Pick-A-Nick Baskets! - color test

"Pick-A-Nick Baskets!" - color study

I decided to use an 8×10 piece of ‘Art Board’ I had laying on a shelf for who knows how long. I’ve got it masked off and will be laying down a base coat after another shot o’ sake. Should be fun. I need to take a drive down to Dick Blick or Utrech this weekend .. freaking Santa Monica. I need to live closer to the city! /shakes fist!

Also a buddy of mine suggested that I start making 5×7 paintings every day (to get more familiar with painting) and eventually sell them. We’ll see. Until then .. courage.

** Update ** It’s on the board, and I have started the base coats. No point posting as it’s still quite bare. I’ll hopefully be able to finish the base coats and start the line work sometime Thursday night after I get home from having dinner with friends at TOKYO DELVES .. Sake Bombs! ehem.


~ by bdicks on July 30, 2008.

One Response to “Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part Two!”

  1. Makes me happy that im not the only one who sucks at perspective =)

    Great looking stuff m8! Gotta send you a picture of the “man room” with your art on the wall.


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