Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part Three!

It was a Friday night .. the beginning of a nice three day weekend (Personal day FTW!), and I pretty much spent every moment of it at my computer desk painting. Why? Gosh darn-it I just love the smell of acrylic paint (No, I’m just a broke hermit who is terrified of womens).. But I pretty much have the base coat done. And I must say .. I likes it. WAY more psychotic looking without the final line work .. or eyes but still .. you can tell Yogi is just not having a good day. It’s on 8×10 artist board. Also I use craft paint because I suck at mixing colors. Red plus Yellow equals suck.

Pick-A-Nick Baskets! - Base Coat

"Pick-A-Nick Baskets!" - Base Coat

I should have the line work done soon .. there is sake in my fridge though .. It’s so good. Like milk of the gods or something. Also – As a side note, TOKYO DELVE’S is freaking cool. Quite strange and a bit … psychotic at times. But the food was tasty, and I had a blast. Sake Bombs are awesome too. I’d like to sketch something up “I Am 8 bit” related, yet original .. but I can’t think of anything. Or anything that hasn’t been done already.

My beard itches.


~ by bdicks on August 2, 2008.

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