Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part Four!

It’s late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) and I must say I’m quite content with myself. I have just finished my ‘Pick-A-Nick Baskets!’ painting. And I am very happy with the results. I learned a lot too from it. Like I used too small of a brush on big areas, and stuff like that. It’s more fun to learn by doing – then to have someone just bark the information at you. Well at least in this situation. I also learned to make sure my masking tape isn’t crummy. Anyway, without further adu’ – here’s ‘Pick-A-Nick Baskets!’

Pick-A-Nick Baskets! - Final painting w/o tape.

"Pick-A-Nick Baskets!" - Final painting w/o tape.

I’ve been thinking what to do next, and I do think I’m going to go through and finish my digital tarot cards. Or at least the Magician and Fool card to accompany the already finished Hermit card. Here’s what the Finished Hermit and the still in progress Fool look like.

Tarot Deck - The Hermit

Tarot Deck - The Hermit

Tarot Deck - The Fool

Tarot Deck - The Fool

This is going to be a crazy awesome week. A buddies wedding on Saturday, Pineapple Express.. more painting and some super secret epic shenanigans. I need to start something bigger for my submission piece.


~ by bdicks on August 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pick-A-Nick Baskets! Part Four!”

  1. Awsomeness all around foo!

    The Tarot decks are the shit man. Heres a question from wayyy back.

    How goes the little pyro guy?!


    I love the tarot you have!! You will have to finish the deck so you can print them up and do a whole montage on a wall!! HOW COOL!

  3. sick bro, looks rad. Yeah you need to finish the tarot cards…there pretty sick lookin so far. you could probably sell them as a deck i’d get a deck of them. peace

  4. So, like everyone else great shit man! But is it, “Zombie Yogi” or “Blood lust you realy shouldn’t have fed him like that sign said Yogi.” No, wait, yeah it realy is more blood lusty…..

  5. so yeah. Tarort cards kick ass mano-naise.

    pick-nick. dammn. looks pretty awesome. but is he still hungry after eating the ppl who brought the basket?

    Of course he is…he’s a damn bear!

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