Silly Cephelapod. Part One!

What a crazy week. I can’t go over a lot of specifics.. but the main highlights were: “4 hour gauntlet, Pineapple Express, Good & Plenty, A slight flurry, the usual roller coaster, and threadless t-shirts!” That’s just cryptic enough to sound like it could be interesting.

So I finished ‘Pick-A-Nick Baskets!’ on Saturday and I was all gung-ho to work on the tarot cards when I was reminded that submissions for a gallery I want to be a part of are due by the end of the month. Don’t get me wrong, I love those tarot cards. But .. I want to do them all. In case you were wondering – there were 78 cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck from 1971 (one of the more recognized tarot card decks). Yeah .. And I want to do them all. Which means I’d have to crank 2-5 out a day. If they were smaller, and were to intentionally look like crap, I would have no problem .. but I want them done right – so I shelved it for a bit.

So I, instead, started this behemoth. It’s actually one of the boards I drew for a children’s book I’ve been developing since May. He’s a silly cephelapod playing a little trick on my lil’ monster. Actually I really don’t know what he is. He’s part demon, part monster .. I don’t even have a name for him. What a horrible father I am. I brought this little guy into the world and I have him lose a kite, then get teased by an octopus.. and he doesn’t have a name. Eh, I’ll figure it out soon. How about Gadzooky? or Gad? or Gar? Garr? .. Gare? Garet?

Silly Cephelapod - color study

"Silly Cephelapod" - color study - not quite done yet..

Trying something a bit different with the colors. It hasn’t made me nausious yet, so that’s a plus. I like the design and the layout – I’m still not sold on the colors of the octopus & tentacle puppet. The whole reverse color highlight on the darker tentacles seemed cooler in my head. The outline on the diving helmet for Gare is too dark (Ha! I like that name!). Well, looks like color study isn’t done yet. Darn it. Well regardless of the color semantics, I should have this beast laid onto either illustration board or masonite tommorow.

Saturday I have a wedding I’m going to & reception I must attend. Must being the operative word because it’s going to be freaking awesome. Also I have Siggraph to look forward to on Tuesday. Got my ticket .. oh and I got it FREE. Suck it Trebek!

My beard is still itchy, and my red bull is empty.


~ by bdicks on August 8, 2008.

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