Silly Cephelapod. Part Done!

Yet another crazy week chock full of shenanigans a’plenty. I got the opportunity to go to SIGGRAPH with a good friend of mine and had a freaking blast. I saw many old co-workers, and even an old boss or two. It was cool, awesome, and inspiring to see so many people excited about new technology and eager to push for whatever may be ahead. Also I was happy to hear that they were giving out deodorant (spray) to some people who really needed it. And I think I made some poor kids cry at the Blizzard booth. OH SNAP I’ll be making another blog post after this. I saw my Red Faction: Guerrilla work! On Kotaku none-the-less!

But this is what I’m actually excited about. Without further tangenial divergance – SILLY CEPHELAPOD! I’m actually really REALLY happy with it. Its the first time I’ve worked with a medium this large (by myself). As I’m used to painting small things – or smaller things. (I blame warhammer – and my stubby arms). I apologize for how bad the scan is. The masonite I got wasn’t totally flat and my scanner wasn’t totally working – hence the bad stitch line..

Silly Cephelapod - 16x12 acrylic on Masonite Board - bad scan

"Silly Cephelapod" - 12x16 acrylic on Masonite Board - bad scan

For having no real experience ever painting on masonite I must say – it was like learning uphill. I learned more by making mistakes and trying new things. But what I’m most happy about .. is the background color. I freaking love it. It’s so rich.. I want to lick it. I’m going to go buy a frame for it tomorrow, and when I get it up I’ll take a nice picture of it. But here’s what it looks like just sitting on my desk!

Silly Cephelapod - as seen on my desk with camera!

"Silly Cephelapod" - as seen on my desk & in focus!

Woo hoo! So now for the next one. I drew a sketch of my Astronaut as a werewolf .. “lycanthronaut” has a nice ring to it! And now I’m going to sleep – I have much to do tomorrow! Or well .. any of from the list I have would be cool.
I think my liver is growing a beard.


~ by bdicks on August 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Silly Cephelapod. Part Done!”

  1. bahahahaha… farkin awsome.

  2. Background = awesome.
    fact that puppet mermaid has “huge tracts of land” = even more awesome. Way to stay with society…hehe.

    +2 for you.

  3. fucking rad dude…love it man..good work keep the shit up…

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