The OctoKing. Part One!

So I have this old sketch in a journal that I keep. I drew it flying to New Jersey last year for Christmas. It was a fun little sketch and I wanted to make it a reality but never got around to it. Well I finally did and I decided to push him a little bit farther. I was having a hard time trying to come up with how to push him and what colors worked. But, with some help from some of my Evil Smurf friends and multiple on the fly revisions (I need to build a better art machine) I’ve got something that I really like.

The OctoKing - Color Study in photoshop.

"The OctoKing" - 9x12" Color Study in photoshop.

This one I decided to do a little bit bigger than the “Pick-A-Nick Baskets!” painting I did before. I’m still experimenting with what size really works best for my style. I miss the old 5″x5″ canvas’s I got from Micheal’s but they’re freaking expensive. I think I have 2 left. So now I’m just waiting for the background color to dry so I can start the base coat colors.

Also here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve got coming up after the OctoKing is done. It’s actually based on a whiteboard drawing I made while working at Full Sail back in Nov’ of 2006. I thought I lost it but I decided to massivly rework it – and so far, I’m very happy with the sketch/mock up.

Together Well Wreck Havok! - photoshop sketch.

"Together We'll Wreck Havok!" - photoshop sketch.

So that concludes this weekend’s possible blog entry. I may have something later on Sunday, but one of my sisters is going to be in town so I’ll be having fun with her all day! Finally some family out here to hang with.

My beard is being invaded by Teddy Grahams!! Oh Noes!


~ by bdicks on August 17, 2008.

One Response to “The OctoKing. Part One!”

  1. hes the octo king because he has 10 legs.


    love the robots man. That is hilarious.

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