Pochade Box & Session Painting!

So a good buddy of mine – Jeff Parrott showed me something amazing on Wednesday. A small travel box used for outdoor painting that contained all the equipment one would need for such an endeavor. He said that it works well with an easel or tripod and it’s great for quick “get to location and roll” paintings. He also suggested that we could maybe hit up a site that he used to paint at when he was taking classes.

Then on Friday I decided that instead of paying a buttload for a Guerrilla Box, I’d just build it from one of the few plans I’ve seen around on this crazy thing called the ‘interweb’. So I went to Michaels (I am scared of craft stores) and picked up a ‘Wooden Cigar … Purse’. So now I get to unscrew the damn purse handle and then start the modification process! It’s going to be an acrylic/watercolor box following the basic ideas of these two sites: “Building a Pochade Box” and “Cigar Box Pastel Pochade” – I plan to mcgyver the hell out of it. I’ll post my process once I get “The Octoking” done.

So as per Jeff’s idea for going session painting we went to Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu this morning. I got my monthly quota of driving on crazy ass roads done as well. Got there at about 10. I didn’t have a whole lot of time this morning to prepare or even get my supplies right. I forgot that watercolor on acrylic canvas doesn’t work (AT ALL) and almost had a panic attack at the beach. Jeff totally bailed me out with letting me borrow his backup Acrylic set. (Lessons of beach painting bring fliplops, bring the right paint, bring more paper towels). I don’t think we were there more than an hour and a half and I got this done. It was fun to mess around with landscape painting.

Session Painting - Leo Carrillo Beach 08-23 - acrylic on 6x8 canvas panel.

Session Painting - Leo Carrillo Beach - acrylic on 6"x8" panel.

We’re already talking about going in two weeks. So by then my box should be done and I should be more prepared.

My beard has sand in it.


~ by bdicks on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “Pochade Box & Session Painting!”

  1. At least your vag doesn’t have sand in it. Wait…err.. that was awkward.

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