The Sucker Punch. Part One! + GALLERY!

Eh, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well no time like now to update this thing. So I decided to start working on some of my older artwork mainly the first real piece I started designing after my brother passed away in May. I kinda tucked it away and buried the canvas under a pile of other canvases and just forgot about it. Well I forgot about it until last night. Since I basically stayed up all last night painting I forgot to dump my camera before work so i could show some kind of progress. But it will let me work on the colors a bit more. So without further mumbo-jumbo I present to you – ‘The Sucker Punch’.

The Sucker Punch - 24x18 Color Study in photoshop

"The Sucker Punch" - 24x18 Color Study in photoshop

In my searchings last night I also came across a multitude of old sketches I did from May. When I get them scanned in I’ll most likely turn them into paintings as well.

GALLERY – Secondary News Update!

So a while back my good friend Brian Whitmire asked if I would like to be a part in a gallery that was going to be held by a group of employees at Blur. As you can imagine I said – ‘Yes!’. And after the weeks of trying to find out what I was going to submit, if I could submit and if it was even going to happen. I am happy to say that it looks like it’s on like Donkey Kong! The Gallery is going to be opening on Sept. 26th (AROUND?) at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood California. I will post more details when I get it.

My beard was hit hard with layoffs and is now just a goatee.


~ by bdicks on September 12, 2008.

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