FUNKEYS: Art Show & Charity Event!

I have been a very busy Brandon the past few days and there are a bunch of little updates, and not enough time to hit them all, but I will address this one.

I received permission on Monday to have make a custom ‘Funkey’ for the Funkeys: Custom Art Show & Charity event being held at Munky King in Hollywood.

7 – 11PM
Munky King on Melrose



I’m freaking super stoked that I got in, and am quite grateful to Amelia at Munky King too!

Well .. this is what I’m going enter into the show! (I will build a page that documents the build process later as I don’t have the time to do that now.. ‘I ain’t got tiime to bleeeed!’) Basically I have to have the whole thing done and at Munky King by Thursday afternoon.

Funkey Custom - Gadzooky Color Study

Funkey Custom - "Gadzooky" Color Study

The only point of real concern is that both of the shows are on the same days, at the same times. I will be at both, most likely I will be at the Gnomon Gallery for most of the time. I will be at Munky King .. I just don’t really know when yet. And instead of trying to think of how to arrange all of this – I decided to just get “Gadzooky” done and deal with those details later. Oh by the way – it’s a tribute piece to my brother Garrett, and the fact that proceeds are going to the Mattel Childrens Foundation and Art of Elysium makes me want to make this as awesome as I possibly can with the little time I have.

And on that note, my goatee beckons for pink lemonade.. leeeemmoooonaaaaaade.


~ by bdicks on September 23, 2008.

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