FUNKEYS: GaDzooky. Build Process & Done!

Wow, 3 days and GaDzooky is done! I can not wait to see how it looks amongst the other Funkeys at the Funkeys: Custom Art Show and Charity Event. But as promised here is my process. Or well.. what I was able to photograph.

This is going to be a huge post! Rawr!

Final (one of many)

GaDzooky - Final with last empty can of joy.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky - Final with last empty can of joy.

Here is the original FUNKEY w/ the Munky King postcard flyer on my desk.

Blank Funkey from Munky King

Blank Funkey from Munky King

Start of Super Sculpty build up of Tail and Blades.

GaDzooky clay build up (one side)

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky clay build up (one side)

Start of Super Sculpty build up of Tail and Blades. (cont)


FUNKEYS: GaDzooky clay build up (cont)

Color study done while waiting for Super Sculpty to bake. (I need epoxy clay)

GaDzooky Color study.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky Color study.

After the clay baked I then used Tamyia modeling putty (smells like crap) to build up the gaps between the blades, tail and the actual Funkey. For some reason – I didn’t take a picture of it. I blame it on the fact that I was working w/ semi toxic materials and wasn’t wearing a respirator. Meh, So after I sanded ‘m good and proper and did multiple build ups of putty it was ready to be primed.

GaDzooky all primed and ready to go.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky all primed and ready to go.

Now the fun part – Painting him. I put down a base coat o’ green and then worked from there.

GaDzooky - Why so green?

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky - Why so green?

Now I got down to business and starting building up the shapes.

GaDzooky - Eyes, mouth, belly .. nails.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky - Eyes, mouth, belly .. nails.

A shot of from the back.

GaDzooky blocking continued.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky blocking continued.

More linework, 2 cans of Espresso and half a glass of green tea later and I’ve finished the head.

GaDzooky Head done!

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky Head done!

Heres’s a shot of his butt.

GaDzooky detail pass continued.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky detail pass continued.

DONE! I am so happy with how it turned out, I really am. It’s great. And I hope it gets a warm welcome amongst the other FUNKEYS.

GaDzooky Finished!

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky Finished!


GaDzooky - RAAWR!


Here is a shot of me holding GaDzooky. Woo!

GaDzooky in hand!

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky in hand!

Last picture for now – Me holding GaDzooky. It’s 6.30 in the morning, I’ve walked to 7.11 twice for coffee and I was pretty sure a raccoon was making a nest on top of my head.

GaDzooky and his owner.

FUNKEYS: GaDzooky and his fuzzy owner.

Thanks for checking out my process build for GaDzooky. If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are free friday night, you should take a trip out to The Gnomon Gallery for Osmosis and while you’re there hop over to Munky King’s Funkey’s Show. They’re about 2 miles apart and well worth the trip!

I’ll have more pictures of GaDzooky as well as my hobbit self from the show and such this weekend!

** Side note **

GaDzooky is the first of many tribute projects (of various forms) in memory of my brother Garrett Dicks who passed away in May.

My goatee must prepare for awesomeness tomorrow.


~ by bdicks on September 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “FUNKEYS: GaDzooky. Build Process & Done!”

  1. hey brandon! great job on the funkeys!! super clean work! were you there?! i also did one of the funkeys. i wished i did archive my process like you have. *next time. it was a great night nonetheless!! hope you were there to enjoy it!

    catherine đŸ™‚

  2. Very nice. Well done. I’m a big Godzilla fan, not so much Godzuki or Minya, but you have made an amazing piece. I wasn’t at the show long enough to see all of the pieces, just long enough to drop mine off and grab a beer. Wish I saw him in person. Mine was the rusty one with a little companion, on the far back wall, maybe you saw it? I was in such a hurry to finish that, unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos.

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