LFG: ‘Richard’. Part One!

So I haven’t really updated my blog with anything art-ish since GaDzooky. I’m sorry, but to make it up I’ll show you what I’m working on – Deal? Awesome. Lock the daughters up, hide the old people It’s RICHARD! From the awesome web comic ‘Looking For Group‘ by Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza. It’s going to be for a charity auction to benefit a children’s charity in Montreal. The rest of the details are being worked out, but Mr. Sohmer mentioned how cool it would be for me to do a large sculpture, and that’s when the idea hatches. Do a Richard statue. Nothing pounds ‘Looking For Group‘ into your skull like a menacing Richard statue. And that’s all she wrote. I’m going to post my build process, as I get a little more time to work on this.

Also there’s something else that’s special about this. I haven’t really sculpting anything (from scratch) since I broke my hand in 06. It was quite .. daunting to dig through my old tools and get to work. And I must say, I’m surprised that I didn’t pick them up earlier. Not only that – I’m using something that I’ve been trying to get my hands on for a while – 2 part RESIN. And I must say – it’s odd to work with at first, but I love it now. I definitely over-estimated how much resin I would need and will probably start making some of my own toys once I get some time (Can you say Holiday Customs!?!?).. Enough words – PICTURE TIME!

This is the concept drawing that I’m basing the sculpture on. Source material was grabbed from the LFG website and compiled for easy use as well as color reference. I like the pose.

LFG Richard - Concept & Color Study

LFG Richard - Concept & Color Study

So after I finished the concept I went on over to Kit Kraft (woo!) and picked me up the supplies needed to make my concept into something I could bludgeon a puma with, or cut myself with..

LFG Richard - Glue, Wire and a pair of pliers..

LFG Richard - Glue, Wire and a pair of pliers..

First build up of Resin, learned very fast that I can’t plow through the sculpting process – Resin sags w/ too much weight.. Also it’s a lot more messy than wax and super sculpty.

LFG Richard - First resin build up.

LFG Richard - First resin build up.

Gradual build up of the Robe as well as the tunic/tabard thingy. also I do realize that the sharp line on his chest makes it look like he has breasts – something that I will take a Dremel to tomorrow night – or at the very least sand down w/ 300 grit.

LFG Richard - Second resin build up.

LFG Richard - Second resin build up.

Made the flaps that hang down from his tabard as well as started the process of giving Richard a face and shoulder pads. They look saggy, but I assure you they don’t anymore.

LFG Richard - Third resin build up.

LFG Richard - Third resin build up.

That’s it for now, I will have another installment either this weekend or by Wednesday. Just a side note I have 3 other things that I’m working on, of which I can only show this and a painting I put on hold due to a lack of desk space. I’ll most likely post that in between the next Richard installment. I am a busy mr. brandon.

My goatee has resin in it.. ewww.


~ by bdicks on October 16, 2008.

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