LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Three!

Another ‘LFG’ Richard update. And here we go!

I basically got the over all statue done – sculpted & sanded. It’s got a base coat of primer on it as well as some Tamiya putty in the gaps & cracks and such. I’ve included an animated gif turnaround at the bottom. Now to do another pass w/ the putty and then I start painting. WOO.

Also you may notice the colors are off – or inconsistent. I ran out of light bulbs, and forgot to buy some today. Also the board moves in the gif.

Also I’ve been working on a project w/ a good friend of mine, when I get information back from said friend I’ll post what I made.

Now time for Richard Pictures!

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - 6th Build.

LFG Richard - Spin Around

LFG Richard - Spin Around

And on that note, I’m going to In-N-Out, getting a burger and then I’ve got freelance to knock out the box.

I’m very happy with the progress on this statue. Especially since you couldn’t tell that I broke both of the arms off in an accident of sheer awesomeness (read: stupidity).

Stuff happens, you have to deal with it as best as possible.


My goatee demands animal fries!


~ by bdicks on October 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Three!”

  1. Where’s the (read: stupidity) post damnit! I looked it up in the dictionary, but your accident of sheer awesomeness wasn’t there!

  2. HAhaha… nice one Jory.

    You know, I had forgotten all about that comic until the other day when I stumbled upon it.

    I think its sheer universal powers at work that you begin working on said comic right around the same time.

    You and I, sir, could rule the world with this kind of power.

    Absofreakinglutely fantastic.

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