LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Six!?!

So, it’s now the 11th of November. A lot has happened and I don’t feel like ploping that stuff here but I will say that I no longer have a job. And this sudden and dramatic event is the main reason for Richard taking a week longer than it should have taken. BUT! Enough about the sad gloomy pity part! Because there is no cake! And a party without cake isn’t a party! It’s just a bunch of people standing around dead on the inside from their lack of cake! Enough ranting on to the pictures!

So I’ve only got three pictures to put up. What!? Three!?!? ONLY!?! Calm down. I’m waiting till tomorrow when my apartment is fully illuminated to take awesome pictures. Not that the pictures I have below aren’t awesome – I just think they’d be more awesome. I’ve also been busy trying to get some freelance together. So .. if anyone reading this likes my work, has some jobs they need done and think they can pay me.. please .. PLEASE contact me.


LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

LFG - Richard Statue - FINISHED!

In other news, I’ve updated my website.. I’ve updated my resume and there are some other things in the works.

This is just a blitz update and a proper full update will be posted soon. I will also be compiling this into a build process page (under pages) to the right when it’s all over so that you can view the entire adventure in one distraction free environment. And until then.

Same goatee, same bad haircut.

~ by bdicks on November 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “LFG: ‘Richard’. Part Six!?!”



  2. Amazing, as usual!! Loveloveloveit!

  3. Wow, Great job! Sorry to hear about the loss of your job though, and the best of luck.. With the quality of your work, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some freelance.

  4. Fan-freakin’-tastic man. You never fail to deliver. Jen says you’re awesome.


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