Pre-Thanksgiving Update & Etsy Store!

Hey there, and welcome to another one of my updates. Well actually this is the first of it’s kind because I don’t have any real art to update with. Things have been .. odd for the past last few weeks and I haven’t had much time to sit down to a canvas or break out a new custom vynel toy, to which I am making great strides to change. But with that ..Wwhat kind of an update is this? all Pre-Thanksgiving and all… Well it’s a good kind. The kind that should pre-face some nice changes, for starters..

1. I just finished setting up my Etsy store. Content is up for sale!!! I will be posting at least 4 more pieces (2 prints, 2 originals). *** Brandon Dicks’ Etsy Store: Playful Painted Pieces***

WOO HOO! It’s UP! (edit)

2. My latest endeavor – – my HUD/User Interface site << What’s relevant about it? Well it’s a streamlined portfolio that accents just my HUD/UI work. You know, for helping me get a job. I’ve also been meddling around in flash a great deal and should have some new content on that sucker as early as this coming Monday.

3. I am currently working on two (unpaid) projects that I get to announce soon. One is an XNA game that will hopefully be launched on Xbox Live community games when I finish the art (yeah .. they’re waiting on me).. The other is a game that’s been submitted to the IGF (Independent Gaming Festival) – I helped out with some art and have been helping them with their HUD and menus. That one has been announced, and it’s called ‘retro/grade’ It’s pretty neat.

I’m greatful for the ability to have an outlet for my creative musings as well as an audience that likes said musings. This year has been a rough one, I’d be lieing otherwise, but there is much to come.

So grab some turkey (or Tofurky or Turduken or Fried twinkies), some friends and have a good Turkey Day.

– bd

my goatee wants a friggin job…

~ by bdicks on November 27, 2008.

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