Too quiet for too long..

I am back, or to at the least, to a functioning capacity. I would first like to extend an apology for getting lost at sea with personal things and therefor unable to give this it’s proper attention. With that out of the way lets get down to brass tacks – what’s new for this new year?

Well for starters I’m working towards getting a job.  I’ve been feverishly busy helping the good people over at 24 ^ (caret) Games with their project ‘Retro/Grade’ as it’s a finalist in the Independant Game Festival being held during the Game Developer Confrence in San Fran in the end of March. So you all (whomever is left) should go check it out the game at and their company site at – It’s a hoot to play (did I just write hoot!?) and I hope it does awesome – because I worked on it. Well, I worked on the new User Interface and Heads Up Displays that are being implemented in the game now, I did make the opening splash image in the Epilogue – which can be sneakily seen over here >> Just go find the space ship image, you can’t miss it.

I’ve also been doing an art test here and there which I’ve also posted up on my portfolio page. Le’sigh.

So for Christmas because I am on a limited budget I did what any clever son would for presents .. I made them. I’m currently trying to get my camera to stop being dumb so I can upload the pictures of the two paintings I made. Which turned out super rad – in my humble opinion. I did get my old work computer as an awesome gesture of charity from my old boss. I’m still getting the audible clunks out of it.

I’ve been seriously thinking about what to do with my store. I need more work up there so I can get mor exposure. If anyone has any ideas – let me know.

So what have I been working on? Aside from the aformentioned? Well, I’ve been working in Flash, trying to wrap my head around action script and I seems alien to me. I’ve built some little projects that on my HUD/UI portfolio (the one) you can check em out’. I’m currently working on a ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ fan site for a blizzard position. It’s hard to do something better, or atleast as good as ‘Blizzard’s because their web team is pretty bad ass. It’s almost frustrating. They hide their code so well.. and XML!? It makes my head bleed. I’m not a scripter, so it’s rough. But I should have it done sometime soon, maybe before my birthday.

Also as on a related note, I’m inching closer to being old. I should have pictures of more to show you as the week unfolds. Or well, next week. Welcome to 2009, lets get this party started.

– bd out to play some XBox360 and to work in photoshop. (my gamertag is maddoc360)

My beard has been downsized to just a ‘soul patch’.

~ by bdicks on January 22, 2009.

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