Old happy days.

It’s been far too long since I last sat down and painted. Or even seriously thought about painting and everything that goes into it. Or well, my process. I’ve been trying to think about layout and presentation in relation to the final product of my artwork. As well as ‘oh man that looks silly, I need to paint that’. I want to do more print based stuff – or well .. turn more of my art into prints for you to buy. I have a hard time letting my originals go .. I feel like they’re my babies.

So I was doodling and I came up with a great idea, three to be exact. I’m a huge fan of I-am-8bit, even more a fan of the old Nintendo properties.  I remember afternoons spent down in my parents basement with my brother crouched around a 12 inch tv playing Mario or Adventure Island. They remind me alot about my brother. So much that I decided to do a themed piece with my main character ReD. Here’s the mock so far.

NES - ReD Mario.

NES - ReD Mario. 8x10 Canvas Panel

I need to find out why my wacom and photoshop aren’t behaving so I can do a clean color pass. I don’t want to ruin the surprise what the other two are – but I’ll just say that my Happy Astro makes an appearance in it. I actually am looking forward to getting the time to do this.

Also I might start doing something I saw on a kick ass artist’s page. Giving away art. Nothing huge, small 5×7 stuff I’ve been doing to get the cob-webs out. I’ll try to make it known when that time comes. We’ll see.

– Brandon is outa here.

~ by bdicks on April 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Old happy days.”

  1. This… should be amazing.

  2. It actually is coming along quite nicely. Should have an update tonight. Hoping to get it on canvas either tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Ever notice that the bushes in Super Mario Bros. are just green clouds?

    Also, April 6th? Get to work, foo.

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