Of Sketches, Gorillas, Walruses and Klingons.

I had another drawing shown on Sketch Theatre’s site! here’s a link!

Sketch Theatre - Brandon Dicks - Drawing 2

Sketch Theatre Link!

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/?p=3487 (Same as image just in case)

http://www.sketchtheatre.com/?p=3181 (Link to Halloween drawing)

Also I’ve started a web comic of sorts over at The Walrus Times. You should check it out if you haven’t already. As I’ve been uploading that more frequently, or I try to at least.  It started on my facebook and then steam rolled to something that I’ve been doing for fun on nights and weekends.

Speaking of weekends, I’ve started painting again too. Here’s a shot of something that I finally finished. Yeah it took me long enough too. I started it back in the fall of 2008.

In lieu of a comic I did a painting.

In lieu of a comic I did a painting.

Work has been pretty busy as of late. We’re nearing Open Beta on Star Trek Online and lots of people are excited about it’s release. Me being one of them, because then I can finally show people what I’ve been so busy on. Check it out >> http://www.startrekonline.com

And on that note, I’ll be back soon!

– bd

~ by bdicks on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Of Sketches, Gorillas, Walruses and Klingons.”

  1. Great art..do you paint vinyl toys too? have you designed one? vinyl toys are great pieces of art..

    • Thanks for the comment! I have actually painted some vinyl toys before. Some dunny’s, munny’s, a Skully and I’ve got a bunch of blanks too I want to design one but I haven’t had much time. I should get to sketching and then get myself one of those Cupcake printer machines! – bd

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